Warpquad 230/270 - Lipo Pad - 1.5mm RED

Lipo Pad conforming to the Warpquad 230 / 270mm Center Plate


New 1.5mm thickness for lighter weight while still protecting the lipo from screw heads.

New "Manly Maroon" colour.


Please note...Using this product requires changing the inner 4 frame screws to button heads.


Sizes required are available as spare parts as follows...

(We will be adding them to the store as spares as soon as possible, but we apologise they are not currently available in store at present)

230/270mm Warpquads with 4mm thick arms - M3 x 14mm Button

230/270mm Warpquads with 5mm thick arms - M3 x 16mm Button

MotoF3 Frame kits with 4mm arms - M3 x 18mm Button

Adding a MotoF3 to a stock 230/270mm Warpquad (Using two 2mm plates) - M3x20mm Button




The material is between neoprene and rubber in density. (As used industrially in the mining industry)

Adhesive backed with Venture Tape.

More grip, strength and resistance to crushing than neoprene, and less weight than rubber.

The pad can be cut down to reduce weight in various methods.  Cutting the middle allows the lipo strap though, and the front and back can be removed for light weight setups, leaving only a rectangle.