You are covered under our crash repair warranty if your ImpulseRC product was delivered with a warranty card in the package. Please take a photo of your warranty card so you have a backup copy! To register your warranty or check the status and remaining term please visit:


Currently ImpulseRC is dealing with warranty claims though our support ticket system. A self-service warranty claims portal is in development.

Due to the rise of clone frames on the market and excessive claims we have created below a comprehensive guide of what steps are required and what we need from you to quickly and efficiently approve your warranty claim.

Claim Requirements

  • Register your warranty card on: http://warranty.impulserc.com/
  • When you create your ImpulseRC store account, add your shipping information
  • Keep a copy of your warranty card. If you have not registered your warranty then lost, stolen or destroyed cards cannot be recovered or replaced. (We suggest taking a picture on your phone.)
  • When contacting support@impulserc.com with your warranty you must send us:
  1. Picture of the still assembled quad showing damage.
  2. A list of the parts included in the claim.
  3. Pictures of all the parts in the claim individually, having been removed from the frame.
  4. A picture of your warranty card (this is to verify authenticity, and spelling of the code as it is case sensitive).
  5. ImpulseRC store order number or a copy of your reseller proof of purchase from an authorized reseller.

Approval Process

  • Warranty claims of a single item will be automatically approved.
  • Warranty claims of two or more will go to internal review. This is to restrict abuse of the warranty system.

Internal review will look in-depth at the parts requested. Claims will be rejected on the grounds of cosmetic wear and tear. Parts will only be approved that impact the structural integrity of the carbon or hardware, and would affect the flight characteristics.

  • Claims can only be made for one frame per warranty code. Claims for multiple frames under one code will be rejected.


  • A shipping and handling fee will be charged based on item weight.

Exemptions and exceptions

  • Due to the way that warranty claims are made, they will no longer be combined with existing orders, new orders or other warranty claims.
  • Electronics are not covered under the warranty program.
  • Removing structural pieces of the product and replacing them 3D printed parts will result in claims being rejected. Use only 3D printed pieces which do not require removing structural parts of the frame.
  • Claims that are made for a cloned product will result in that code being blacklisted and no further claims will be approved.