TBS Crossfire Micro TX (JR module)

The TBS Crossfire is a long range RC link based on some of the newest RF technology. With a sensitivity of -130dB and small receivers for FPV quads, the TBS Crossfire is a good option when choosing a control link option.

(1x) TBS Crossfire Micro Transmitter (JR module)
(1x) TBS Crossfire Stock Tx Antenna

Frequency Bands: 868MHz (EU, Russia) / 915MHz (USA, Asia, Australia)
Input Voltage: 3.5 - 13V
Power consumption: 1.1W (@10mW) - 2W (@100mW)
Dimensions: 65 x 48 x 22 mm (JR module size)
Weight: 48g


  • Long range, adaptive and robust remote control system for your aircraft
  • Resilient to on-board noise
  • Two-way communication link with real-time link vitals and telemetry
  • Self-healing & frequency hopping (DSSS, FHSS)
  • Adaptive bandwidth control and range optimization
  • Serial Modem capable of transmitting MAVLink or other serial protocols (up & downlink)
  • RX beacon mode to recover your downed aircraft
  • Super easy binding and configuration via built-in display of your R/C
  • Low latency, 150Hz update rate (3x faster than typical RC links)
  • Two receiver models: 8 port Diversity Rx, 4 port Mini-receiver
  • 8 or 12ch output via S.BUS/PPM/CRSF on both receivers
  • Ability to fly with multiple friends at the same time (10+)
  • Selectable RF power from 10mW to 100mW (local restrictions apply)
  • Link health status light
  • Software updates via RF Link

TBS Crossfire system manual
TBS Crossfire micro TX quick start guide