Helix VTX / OSD KIT - with Built in OSD

Please read description! VTX's are slightly under powered

Helix ZX5 and ZX6 Video Transmitter Board with built in OSD - Kit

This Helix VTX kit is the current version that is slightly under powered when put through our very stringent QC process. Rest assured these units are fully operational that have passed all other in house tests. These units when tested are only approximately 3dBm lower than standard (in real world testing this difference in the db rating is minimal)


  • (1x) Helix VTX board with built in OSD
  • (4x) Press nuts
  • (1x) Right angel 2 pin header
  • (1x) Red jumper pin header
  • (1x) 1mm Aluminium washer
  • (1x) M3x6 Cap - High Tensile Steel