MotoF3 Frame Kit - 230mm (4mm Arms)

Warpquad 230mm frame kit with MotoF3 FC kit

  • (1x) Warpquad center plate 2mm
  • (1x) Warpquad center plate 1.5mm
  • (1x) Warpquad cover plate 1.5mm
  • (4x) Helix ZX6 4mm arm
  • (1x) Warpquad 230/270mm full screw pack
  • (1x) MotoF3 FC Kit
  • (1x) Warpquad LiPo pad

Please note the original 4mm Warpquad 230mm arms have been updated to Helix ZX6 4mm arms. The Helix ZX6 arms are an updated version of the original 4mm Warpquad 230mm arms. Because of this you now have the option of using Helix ZX6 fairings with this frame kit.