Mercury Stack Accessory Kit

This is the hardware and accessory kit for the Mercury stack.

  • MMCX to SMA pigtail
  • Right angle MMCX to SMA pigtail
  • 4 * M3x22mm screw
  • 4 * 3.8mm threaded spacer
  • 4 * 3.8mm unthreaded spacer
  • 4 * Nylon nut
  • 16 * Rubber o-ring


The Mercury is a new FPV electronics stack. Designed specifically to be modular and extensible, whilst separating the electrically noisy elements and isolating them away from the other sensitive components.

Unique features such as our cascading regulator design ensures your electronics received silky clean power and your video feed is free of voltage noise.

Throughout the stack we took care to protect your electronics with safety and durability enhancements such as automotive grade reverse polarity protection, beefy diodes and re-settable fuses.

Simplicity and ease of building was given a high priority, every solder connection is placed exactly where it is needed. Connect your battery, ESCs, receiver and camera, everything else is provided and integrated, right down to the buzzer and microphone.

The video transmitter is fully featured giving access to all 40 common frequencies and 25, 200 and 500mW of output power. The included OSD gives full access to PID tuning and VTX control. The same VTX design in the Helix has been proven to perform reliably and cleanly at the very highest levels of international competition all over the world.

You can use the Mercury in virtually any standard sized miniquad, however with multiple PDB options you can also integrate directly in to the Alien frame.