Apex EVO Conversion Kit


Apex EVO Conversion Kit

You can use a regular conversion kit If you have an Apex or Apex HD. You can use a dead cat conversion kit if you have an Apex DC or Apex LR.

The full conversion kits contain everything you need to convert your Apex frame to the new EVO format. This includes top, upper and lower main plates, as well as the new camera mount and any required hardware. Also included is a new GoPro mount, rear antenna mount, Tracer antenna mount, mylar isolation sheet, injection moulded plastics, replacement lipo pad and an additional lipo strap.

The barebones kits contain just the minimum required to update your frame to the new EVO format. 


Contents of Barebones Kits

  • (1x) Apex EVO Top Plate CF 2mm
  • (1x) Apex EVO Main Lower CF 2.5mm
  • (1x) Apex EVO Main Upper CF 2mm

  • (1x) Apex EVO Cam Kit
  • (1x) Apex EVO additional hardware

Extra Contents of Full Kits

Everything in Barebones Kit, plus:

  • (1x) Apex EVO GoPro Mount Kit
  • (1x) Apex rear TPU antenna Mount
  • (1x) Apex Mini-T Standoff Antenna holder
  • (1x) Apex LIPO pad - 2mm BLACK
  • (1x) LiPo Strap - Medium - ImpulseRC
  • (1x) Apex EVO Plastics Kit - BLACK
  • (1x) Apex EVO insulator (20x20 & 25x25 mounting holes)