Mr Steele Apex Frame Kit - Light weight

This is the ultra light weight Mr Steele version of the Apex frame. This version comes bundled with our new OSD, regulator board and wiring harness. Also included is both Mr Steele's exclusive Coyote Brown plastics and the Classic Black plastics, as well as  multiple other extras.

This light weight version of the Steele Apex contains the premium 7075 aluminium hardware kit. Please see below for details.

For full details of the new Apex frame, please see the dedicated mini-site.

For a full build guide and assembly instructions, please see the Apex documentation site.


Extra included parts over the base model Apex frame kit

  • (1x) Apex Full Screw Pack - 7075-T6 Aluminium - Black
  • (2x) Lipo Strap - Medium - ImpulseRC
  • (1x) Apex Plastics Kit - Coyote Brown
  • (1x) Apex Plastics Kit - BLACK
  • (1x) Foam Wedge for HD Camera
  • (1x) Foam Strip 150mm - Landing Feet
  • (1x) Apex Regulator Board Kit
  • (1x) Apex OSD Board Kit
  • (1x) Apex OSD Wire Harness Kit - KISS