ImmersionRC LapRF - Personal Race Timing System

ImmersionRC LapRF

The LapRF is a personal race timing system for FPV quads using 5.8GHz video feeds. 

When the quad passes through the start/finish gate, the LapRF precisely measures the frequency emitted by the 5.8GHz transmitter on the quad. 

Video power levels from 10mW through 600mW supported. 

Super-precise with one pilot, but also supporting multiple pilots for smaller events without purchasing multiple units (up to 8 with lower gate speeds as found in the micro-quad world). 

Bluetooth connection to Android and iOS devices, with free applications downloadable from their respective app. stores. 

Fully integrated with the industry standard LiveTime event management software. 

Integrated 2600mAh Li-ion battery, with integrated USB charger gives 8 hour race time. 

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