Alien RGB LED Ring


  • Comprises 10 high brightness individually addressable RGB LEDs.
  • BEC for direct 2-4S Lipo connection
  • Runs via Cleanflight or standalone
  • STM32 processor for internal LED driving


The LED ring can be powered by a 2S-4S Lipo battery directly connected to the power input pins.

With the switch in the upwards position the internal STM32 will drive the LEDs. You can use the button to cycle through different colours.

With the switch in the downwards position the LEDs are driven via the signal input pins. You may connect these to the LED strip output on your flight controller.

To configure in Cleanflight a basic setup is provided which may be pasted in to the CLI. An image in included above which shows the order of the LEDs in the chain on the PCB.

Cleanflight CLI dump

led 0 7,10::R:2 
led 1 5,9::R:3
led 2 4,7::R:2
led 3 5,5::R:3
led 4 7,4::R:2
led 5 9,5::R:3
led 6 10,7::R:2
led 7 9,9::R:3
led 8 7,8::C:10
led 9 7,6::C:10
led 10 0,0:::0
led 11 0,0:::0
led 12 0,0:::0
led 13 0,0:::0
led 14 0,0:::0
led 15 0,0:::0
led 16 0,0:::0
led 17 0,0:::0
led 18 0,0:::0
led 19 0,0:::0
led 20 0,0:::0
led 21 0,0:::0
led 22 0,0:::0
led 23 0,0:::0
led 24 0,0:::0
led 25 0,0:::0
led 26 0,0:::0
led 27 0,0:::0
led 28 0,0:::0
led 29 0,0:::0
led 30 0,0:::0
led 31 0,0:::0

Please note that it is highly recommended to use one of our  Aluminum polymer capacitors when using our Alien LED ring to ensure no voltage spikes cause over voltage to your Alien LED ring when being powered by 4s Lipo.
The correct capacitor to use is located in the related products tab or at this link: