Alien FPV Frame

Some items on backorder, see below for details.

Backorder items, expected to ship 1 March 2020:

  • 5" Body Kit
  • 4" Slammed Body Kit
  • 5" Arm Set

All other items in stock ready to ship.

Alien FPV Frame

Please note to receive a complete Alien frame kit you will need to include:

 1 x Alien Body Kit

 1 x Alien Arm kit

 1 x Alien Screw Pack

All Alien arm sizes are compatible with all Alien body kit sizes.


Individual Parts Weight (5" Body and 5" Arms)

  • All Carbon - 91.7g
  • Lipo Pad - 3.7g
  • All Hardware - 25.5g
  • Alien PDB - 15g
  • XT-60 Plug - 3.2g
  • All Motor Hardware - 5.2g