MotoLab TornadoFC STM32F3 Flight Controller

*** Accessories ***

Please note that the Tornado does not come with pins or other accessories to keep the cost down if you don't require them, these must be purchased separately. Pololu regulators, header pins, JST-SH pigtails and Spektrum satellite connectors are listed in the related products section of this page!

For documentation please see this post...


For troubleshooting please see this blog post from Moto Moto...


The board is fully supported by Cleanflight firmware and uses the more-powerful STM32F3 microcontroller, with 256K bytes of flash memory, three hardware serial ports plus USB, and a floating point math coprocessor for fast control looptimes. The board provides stable voltage regulation with the option for a directly attached Pololu regulator for up to 6S operation, high-current buzzer on 5V or 12V, SAT SBUS or PPM receiver connections, serial LED interface, low-pass filtered VBAT monitoring, and 5V buffered PWM outputs to eliminate ESC signal loss at high power levels. Short-circuit protected outputs for 8 motors or 6 motors plus 2 servos are provided.

This is the controller used by FinalGlideAUS on his 6" ImpulseRC Alien quad to win first place in the individual and team race events at the first Drone Nationals in July.

The TornadoFC is also an excellent option for light acro quads, replacing older STM32F1-based designs with a higher performance alternative.