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ImpulseRC Is Currently Stocking T-Motor F40 II 2305

Thursday, September 22, 2016

ImpulseRC is excited to announce we have Stock of T-Motor F40 II 2305 2400KV and 2600KV!

We have stock of Both KV's (2400KV and 2600KV) and cannot wait for our Helix owners to be strapping these beasts to our NEW Helix Frames!

These Motors look and perform Next Level on Our Helix ZX5 and Helix ZX6 Frames :) Order up quick before we run out! Anyone who has purchased a Helix Frame Fell Free to Contact Will through our Website Ticket System and he will adjust the Motors into your Helix Pre-Order shipment to ensure you will only have to pay for the goods value and no extra shipping charges.



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